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RollPro Mini - GoPro Organizer Carrying Case

RollPro Mini - GoPro Organizer Carrying Case


The RollPro Mini was created to easily organize and carry your GoPro cameras and accessories. The roll up design keeps this organizer super compact and lightweight. Once unrolled, everything is laid out in front of you for full visibility and access.

It is a truly portable GoPro organizer case.


This organizer fits all GoPro cameras, and most GoPro accessories up to the size of a suction cup. The RollPro Mini easily fits into a backpack alongside your gopole, chesty, and other larger accessories.

Made in California, USA.

Every RollPro Mini will be handmade here in California. All materials used in making each organizer will be sourced in the US. Even the thread is made here. This ensures quality and consistency goes into every Mini made. 



  • Sunbrella hightech industrial grade fabric. Made in USA.
  • Velcro brand fasteners. Made in USA.
  • Shindo high quality elastics. Made in Japan.
  • Eddington nylon thread. Made in USA.
  • YKK zippers. Made in Japan.

Why a Roll?

Conventional camera bags have voids of space for large equipment and are designed to protect delicate units. Since GoPro has defied both size and fragility, a new means of organizing and carrying is also in order.

With the RollPro Mini, I've set out to create an organizer that complements GoPro's characteristics by designing it exclusively for the GoPro and its accessories. The result is a fat free case that tames the GoPro and its entourage of pieces in a functional and beautiful fashion.

International Shipping.

Recipients outside of the US may incur a customs fee. Each country is different. It's best to check with your country's customs, if you're concerned about possible fees.


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