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RollPro III - GoPro Organizer Carrying Case

RollPro III - GoPro Organizer Carrying Case


* Discontinued.

The RollPro III was created from the simple need to organize and carry the mass of accessories that come with the GoPro cameras.
*Fits all GoPro cameras, including Hero 4.

Organizes the following. Don't have all that? Less fits too.

3 GoPros; cased, with or without bacpacs
3 Bacpacs; LCD, Battery, Wi-Fi
6 Large back covers; for Bacpacs
4 Regular back covers
6 Batteries
2 SD cards
8 Thumb screws
6 Pivots
8 Vibration plugs
3 Clip mounts
1 USB car charger
2 Charging cords

This picture sums it up.

Made in California, USA.

The RollPro III is designed and handmade by us, here in California. Because of this, quality and consistency can be achieved. High quality materials are used to create a beautiful and durable organizer.



Sunbrella hightech industrial grade canvas. Made in USA.
Authentic Velcro brand. Made in USA.
High quality elastics. Made in Japan.

-Why a Roll?

Conventional camera bags have voids of space for large equipment and are designed to protect delicate units. Since GoPro has defied both size and fragility, a new means of organizing and carrying is also in order.

With the RollPro III, I've set out to create an organizer that compliments GoPro's characteristics by designing it exclusively for the GoPro and its accessories. The result is a fat free case that tames the GoPro and its entourage of pieces in a functional and beautiful fashion.

-Why 3 GoPros?

3 is the magic number - When filming something that you want someone else to enjoy, one camera angle is rarely interesting enough. This forces the decision to either reshoot from different angles, or have multiple GoPros set up.

1 is ok - Even if you only have 1 GoPro, the RollPro III is just as effective; or even more so. It can actually roll up smaller and leaves room for creative use of the other pockets. For example, a head strap fits perfectly, or a bag of adhesive mounts, or even a spare skeleton or waterproof camera housing.

Versatility - My goal is to make a well rounded case that fits most peoples needs. More room for gear is generally better than less.

International Shipping.

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